Stonework Unique's
Michael Dimitri Mullins
            Master Stone Mason

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About Us

Michael Dimitri Mullins has been serving the Stone Masonry needs of local homeowners and businesses in the Alabama Counties of Cherokee, DeKalb , Etowah and Marshall for over 30 years.  

See what Stonework Unique's customers say:

"Michael Dimitri Mullins is by all accounts, a true artisan. I first came to appreciate his artistic skills in the form of a natural stonework project he did with his brother at DeSoto State Park in Ft. Payne. That was back in 1999. Since then, Michael has masterfully completed a host of projects for me, including a stone fireplace, several Ireland-inspired retaining walls of natural stone, a stone veneered root cellar, an elevated BBQ area, and a Japanese garden, including a beautiful stone waterfall and walkway.
Michael has a strong work ethic and is reliable and self-motivated. Watching his execution of a design has been one of my greatest joys and I will continue interacting with Michael as long as he is willing to do so."  PC, Centre, AL

Michael has recently moved to the Santa Cruz , California area residing in Boulder Creek and looks forward to many great creations there.

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